OPINION | What is the constitution of South Africa saying about UJ adopting mandatory vaccinations ?

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I see chaos next year, it will be hectic and not only in South Africa but across the world, with this mandatory system of prohibiting those who refuse to be vaccinated but qualifying, and deserving to have access and receive any types of services, indeed it's going to be hectic. The ultimate evil if it were really for a deadly pandemic, and if vaxx were the only answer, if the vax manufacturers were liable for injuries, and if injuries were not so common, it would be understandable. But we have known for a long time now that simply isn't true, particularly not in Africa

And there are excellent, highly effective, safe, cheap, home treatment options for the FEW who might become seriously ill. Is this the new law in our country people will be forced to vaccinate, so they can be allowed access to institutions please wake me up what is this vaccine is this the 666 in the book of Revelations, please fill us in I'm confused now

Wil they be carrying the responsibility of each and every single student and staff member who takes the vacinne, hospital bills incase side effects occur and will they be supplying relief for when an individual does die from the vaccine. Have they sent out a doctor to each and every individual with their medical records before hand, to verify that it's safe for the individual to take the vacinne?. I just wonder where do they get this stats number because we all look shocked, we don't know who are this people testing and yes since covid came we no longer have rights in SA, they must be ready for the nationwide shutdown because we can't afford to be bullied in the world that God gave us, who ar they to force our students and staff ?


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