"Is Kissing Allowed In A Relationship?" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Answers Critical Question.


In a partnership, where do you draw the line? Is it inappropriate to embrace, hold hands, or kiss, or are these activities reserved for married couples? Did you notice that kissing isn't considered a token of affection? Kissing isn't a symbol or evidence of passion, did you know? I'm not sure what the essence of getting to hold hands is, whether it's against conscience or anything else but whatever it is, there are still no proofs of passion. So, what are the options?

Is there anybody here who agrees with me that embracing, kissing, and holding hands are not proofs of love? If you got into a relationship and started embracing and lip-locking and pretending you were demonstrating your love, you've probably deceived someone or yourself.

You weren't demonstrating your affection. The bible might well have enlightened us if it was an evidence of love. You realize this isn't an evidence of love because that's not proof of love. You can do that to anyone even though you don't love them.

So, what are the options? Allow me to read something to you once more. 1 Corinthians 7:4 “For the wife has no authority of her own body except the husband, and the husband has no authority over his own body except his wife, do not deny and exploit and blackmail each other, unless for a time by common consent, so that you can devote yourself undisturbed to supplication. But, after that, regain marital ties, lest Devil intimidate you with a lack of sexual restriction.”

It's by authorization rather than instruction. Do you comprehend what the bible says: "For the woman has no control over her own body except the husband"?

Now we're getting somewhere. What if you're not a married couple? You have no authority over the other's bodies. You don't because you aren't married, right? Kissing or hugging in this context refers to caressing, petting, and other similar activities, am I correct? Let me tell you anything: when you're doing these stuff, you're not giving something away; you're trying to take anything away, so it's not a sign of affection.

Trying to court is a part of it. Have you ever seen a male and female dog courting each other? What if there was a he goat and a she goat? A hen and a cork, perhaps? Have you ever seen two animals approach from opposite directions and instantly begin to engage in sexual activity?

They don't just do that; you'll notice that they're jumping around. What was the male doing? He was courting the girl. What I'm suggesting is that all of the embracing and kissing isn't done to express affection, but rather to obtain something. You love her and want her, so you covert her body, and she will do the same for you.

So, what are your options now? I'm attempting to inform you that if you're in that sort of relationship, the next time you pick up yourself doing such stuff, note that you're not going to convince or show love to your mate or whatever she is; you're probably attempting to get self-gratification.

This was Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's answer and this is the link: https://youtu.be/puWvMrbMx4A

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