NABCO Trainees 'react' after receiving their stipends


NABCO trainees had had all their three months salary arrears finally cleared by the central government.

The payment which began as early as yesterday entitled every trainee with 2000 cedis and above, provided you go through all the verification processes outlined by the NABCO Secretariat.

But the government's best efforts to send smiles to thousands of trainees have been welcome with resentment by some Ghanaians on social media.

"The negativity of some Ghanaians. Be positive and you are rewarded with positive results

Should Allowances be paid quarterly? Frankly speaking, I am not pleased with the way things are going in Nana Addo's second term. I wish things could change else I am afraid for the NPP party. 

Every day, issues upon issues why? I am a bit disappointed now and I don't know whether it's NPP's new strategy or something else. 

School feeding caterers are also crying. Mr. President kindly visits our case too, we plead May those trying to pull the country down be put into shame.

Do you see? Do you want to tell us he has done well for keeping something someone has worked for so many months before paying whiles they were enjoying theirs every month? I don't want to sound political here but the hard truth must be told asana.

Thank God you people are receiving your benefit of your useless president's NABCO, are you not the people who were shouting for this foolish NABCO to come to stay?

Our father cares about his n wife's stomach than his children's, stomach direction akuffo Addo.

Some of us haven't employed over six years ago with our Diplomas and Degrees, and Nana is thinking about how to pay their wife's salaries without any govt appointment?. Oh Ghana, Nana why, have we offended by voting you as president?

Am interested in your political argument. There was a president who never thought of given the youth such an opportunity. But thanks to the listening government for giving such an opportunity."