The Purpose Of BBI In 2022 General Elections


Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju has come clean on their political plans.This seems to be a master plan to frustrate Ruto' s presidential bid. He said that the next government must and will continue with what President Uhuru and Raila started.

Such statements raise questions about how Jubilee got such confidence in the absence of Ruto in the next government. It's in the public domain that Ruto doesn't subscribe to BBI and won' t take part in the document past 2022.

According To Tuju, the BBI is set to bring in peaceful transitions of power after every general election by proposing power- sharing formulas.He said that Uhuru will see it to it the document sail through the waves that have become a stumbling block in the process.

" We have elections next year, we do not want the spirit of handshake and BBI to die when President Kenyatta leaves office next year. Winant the next government to continue with what was started by President Kenyatta, " Tuju told the Nation.

In addition, he spilled the beans on Jubilee' s plans to form the next government that will see into it that BBI won' t die after 2022. This might explain the high- profile meetings between Jubilee captains and ODM. They may be headed to crafting a grand coalition that will be too big for Ruto.

BBI is the outcome of a handshake back in 2018 where the President welcomed his sworn enemy Raila Odinga to solve the rising political temperatures. However, Ruto didn' t welcome the idea and has been on the sideline since then.

William Ruto has designed his new future and he is a household name among those who hail his hustler narrative as opposed to BBI. He will probably battle out for the presidency with Raila Odinga. He is a constant threat to BBI and Jubilee hopes for a continuity past 2022 might just be a dream.