Man Causes Stir Online After An Exposing A Market Woman On Live Tv.


Most people in Ghana are always of the view that, there is no money in the country and traders as well as food vendors run at a loss while it is not so.

Today, a video was post by Dr. Pounds on his Instagram page.

In the video, it is seen that a woman who is being asked on live tv, how the economy of the country is affecting her business as a food vendor. She replied that, the country has become to hard to the extent that, there is no money in the country and she always run at a loss since people don’t buy her food like the past days.

A man standing next to the woman quickly exposed her by asking her that, don’t people buy from her? The man went ahead and brought the woman’s saucepan and behold the pan was empty as people had patronized all the food she was selling.

It has gotten the likes of people of influence such as Kaywa, to comment about the woman’s exaggerations and his comment was, “it’s funny at the same time serious, how people don’t appreciate help”.

What do you think of the behavior of the woman and was it necessary for the man to expose her on live tv?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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