Meet Aunt Loreta of Zora CitizenTv. (Photos)

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Damaris Ketrai is better known as Aunt Loreta on Citizen TV's local drama series Zora. She is happily married with two children, a boy, and a girl. She portrays Madiba's aunt as well as Oliver Chibali's brother. Her character in the series is honest and quick to anger. They don't get along with her sister-in-law Zalena because Zelena attempted to assassinate her brother Oscar and has some dark secrets of her own.

Damaris is a model, actress, emcee, and content creator. She is also well-known on TikTok, where she performs dance challenges and shorts. It's not the first time she's appeared on television.

She has also appeared in KTN's Daktari, NTV's Mama Boss as Mama Prince, Hulaballo Estate, and CitizenTv's Inspector Mwala. She's also a business owner. Rumors have it that she will soon open her business line of clothes and cosmetics.

We wish her well in all her future plans.

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