A Native Doctor Forgave Her But A Man Of God, Actress Swore Not To Forgive Her, Read The Reason Here


The story of Ada Jesus is indeed an interesting one. This young lady at a point in her comedy career became one of the most sought after. Ada was loved by her fans because of her ability to make jokes out of every circumstance. Although she was loved, Ada, however, derailed at a point in her comedy career.

Instead of focusing on entertaining her numerous fans, Ada deviated from her usual mode of operation and started calling names and insulting several personalities. First, Ada accused a native doctor identified as Chi Marine of being a fake native doctor. At the time, the said native doctor warned her to mind her business but she wouldn't listen.

As if this wasn't enough, Ada went after Pastors and actresses. She accused pastor Odumeje of performing fake miracles in his church. She also accused a well-known actress, Rita Edochie of working hand in hand with Pastor Odumeje to organize fake miracles in the church. She also made numerous other accusations against Rita Edochie and many other notable Nigerians.

After this happened, Ada fell sick. The beautiful Igbo lady could not walk, eat nor stand properly. Ada's legs were swollen and her tummy, the face was also swollen. Lastly, Ada suffered a partial stroke and could no longer help herself. She visited many hospitals and native doctors' homes and yet no one could cure her.

Acting on well-informed advice, Ada went to the native doctor to ask for forgiveness and the native doctor forgave her.

She then visited pastor Odumeje's church to beg him and Rita Edochie for forgiveness . after she asked for forgiveness, pastor Odumeje swore not to forgive her unless she provide all those she claimed he used in performing fake miracles. Rita Edochie also swore not to forgive her for insulting her family.

After this incident occurred, many Nigerians are now reacting to what happened. The majority expressed that Rita Edochie and pastor Odumeje has indeed disgraced Christianity. They argued that refusing to forgive and forget after Ada Jesus came in her sickbed to ask for forgiveness shows that they are not good Christians. They however advised them to change their mind before it is too late.

There are a few others who think differently. This category of people praised the native doctor for what he did. They however advised pastor Odumeje and Rita Edochie to forgive Ada Jesus.

What do you think?.

• Do you think that the said native doctor, Chi Marine is a good man?.

• What do you have to say about Pastor Odumeje, Rita Edochie reluctance in forgiving Ada Jesus?.

Here are some pictures;

• Pictures of sick Ada Jesus.

• Pictures of Odumeje and Rita Edochie;

• Picture of the native doctor that forgave Ada Jesus;

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