Ungwana Kweli? Why Nyandarua Women Are Ones Digging Graves and Not Men, Kenyans React


Nyandarua women have elicited mixed reactions after it emerged that they are the ones digging graves and not their men.

As Africans, or rather in most parts of the country and communities, it has been men digging graves when a loved one passes away.

However, the latest trend has seen women replace men in grave digging, especially in Nyandarua.

According to the source, women have taken the responsibility of grave digging in funerals because there are no men to do the work.

The source said men are so rooted in drinking that they have forgotten their roles in society, such as grave digging.

The new trend of women digging has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans, with some suggesting the government or rather local leaders should step in and help the people of Nyandarua.

Others, said what men can do women can as well do, suggesting it is not a felony for women to take part in grave digging.

Have a look at the mixed reactions below.

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