Jimmy Wanjigi in Court In Company Of Eric Omondi

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Jimmy Wanjigi, a businessman who spent the night in a police prison, has been released following a court decision terminating the detention. Eric Omondi, a prospective president's close friend, was among the first at the station to see him off. On his Instagram page, Eric tweeted a video of the two speaking happily as they walked out of the police station.

According to Eric's tweet, the court determined that Wanjigi was searched but not arrested, and that his detention was illegal. He then stated that the court's decision would be rendered an hour following his release.

"The court determined that Mr. Wanjigi was unlawfully raided, arrested, and detained in violation of a high court judgment requiring a halt to the foregoing." In one hour, we will rule, and victory will be ours. " According to Eric Omondi,

Watch the entire video by clicking on the link below (Time 0:00 forward). Keep an eye on the website for daily updates.

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