"Kibaki Assured Freedom to Kenyans," Experts Disclose Where Uhuru and Ruto are Going Wrong

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Experts have disclosed that the era of retired President Mwai Kibaki experienced economic development because he did limit those who were against him.

Director General of the International Center for Policy and Conflict Ndun'gu Wainaina says that under his rule, Mzee Kibaki allowed Kenyans to criticize the government and use their views to boost the country's economy without intimidating them.

"Kibaki embraced the ideology of the country of his main critics. He did not interact with them or use the security departments to silence them. The assailants walked free without any worries of arrest. He also allowed parliament to carry out its responsibilities in a way that is different from what the Jubilee government is doing, ”said Mr Wainaina.

Mzee Kibaki also allowed opposition within his government and what he expected from his officials was performance.

According to Mr Wainaina, the country's economy will not prosper if the government ignores the rule of law which is a pillar of democracy.

"Investors often lose faith in a country where the government does not respect the rule of law and violates court orders," he said of President Kenyatta and his senior government officials disregarding court orders. According to Mr Wainaina, Jubilee has silenced Kenyans and intimidated them into asking questions when they were under pressure.

"Kibaki believed that the government belongs to the people and not to those in power. He allowed the opposition to continue criticizing the government and by doing so he was able to identify officials who were negligent in his work and thus enabled him to take action. He did not retaliate against the opposition or his critics because he respected democracy, ”said Lucia Ayiela of the Reformed Congress. Activists say a government that kills democracy does so with the intention of evading its weaknesses and weaknesses.

"They want to tax Kenyans, borrow and spend money indiscriminately but not be questioned. During Kibaki, Kenyans exposed the scandal without any fear of arrest, ”he said.

The Coalition for Human Rights Organizations says the decline in democracy in the country has accelerated in 2018.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. For its part the government says that all rights are limited, and Kenyans should not use the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution to violate the law under the pretext of democracy.

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