River Bodies that at still in 'Tea' Situation in Ghana

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The fight of illegal mining in the country is still not over. Some people do believe that, Ghana will soon import drinking water since the water bodies in the country are in really bad shape. Illegal miners use the river bodies to help them extract natural resources from the land. In so doing, they cause terrific damage to our water bodies. Even though, there are several measures placed by government to stop this canker but some people are still into illegal mining.

River bodies should be something colourless, but when the colour changes, it means it is being polluted by human activities.

In today's article, let us look at some river bodies that are still in bad shape due to illegal mining. This is what I call 'Tea' Situation.

#1. River Pra

The Pra River rises in the Kwahu Plateau near Mpraeso and flows 150 miles. It is located in the central region of Ghana. Because of illegal mining, the current nature of the water is very bad. The colour of it is described as 'dirty brown'. However, the river was getting its colourful nature back few months ago but things changed as illegal miners were seen in the process of mining. As at now, the colour is still brown as we hope it becomes natural again.

#2. River Ankobra

This large river body is located on Wiawso. It flows about 190 kilometres south to the Gulf of Guinea. Illegal mining activities affected this river which made it difficult for persons to even drink from it. Aside it, fishes and other aquatic animals barely survived in it. These are all consequences of illegal mining or galamsey activities.

#3. Birim River

The river rises in the Kibi or Akim district of the Eastern Region of Ghana, in the Atewa Range, which rises to 780m. Just like the above two mentioned, this river is also badly affected by mining activities and so doing community members no longer benefit from this river. Measures have been placed by government to ensure its safety.

As at now, government has deployed several security agencies to guard various river bodies used for mining to ensure that it is not illegally used. Drones are also used to ensure these measures from government work.

As you can see, these are the currents states of the river bodies that are still brown in colour or 'Tea' situation in Ghana.

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