Twists and Turns in Kiagu Ward By-Election

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Kiagu ward by-election is taking many twists and turns as we inch closer to the dead day. Away from the usual two horse race of jubilee and UDA, its now turning into a a three horse race given the inroads of CCK party which is led by Gatundu South member of parliament Moses Kuria in the area as well the factor of the Alfred Murua led party.

It's also clear that the NOPEU party that was thought to challenge jubilee and UDA has already withdrew for the race after sensing defeat. They cited the misbehavior of their candidate but the fact is that jubilee party is seen as being weakened by UDA in the by-election hence meaning they also had no chance whatsoever.

It's obvious that politics is all local and it depends with the direction the local leaders will take in the by-election. The fact they most local leaders who were elected in a jubilee ticket are supporting UDA jubilee just confirms that the chances of the party capturing the seat is extremely minimal.

The turn of events in the by-election is that UDA party might badly thrash jubilee party given majority of the people associate with the party. However as always it's a matter of wait and see of what will unfold as we also wish the best candidate in the by-election all the best.

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