GOOD NEWS-Finally teachers are rich;Check out on what NDC has for teachers.

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Teachers all over the years had always been complaining bitterly on the issue of meagre payment despite the tedious but noble work they do by nurturing young ones into future leaders..There had been series of times they've been mocked by tagging them as profession for the poor..

But now,it looks as though, their dreams of massive respect is becoming a reality...the sitting president Nana Akuffo Addo had now modified the Colleges of education to offer degree courses.. Now his tenure is almost over which literally means we in an election year.

Election year has over the years been the most interesting year for the citizens of the country over the years, candidates are therefore on the move to persuade citizens to vote for them massively.

As part of John Dramani Mahama,the boss man for the NDC's plans and promises,he stated point blank that; Teachers will get clothes, accommodation and transportation allowance 10% each,in all a 30% salary increase...This means aside the normal salary given to them,a 30% increase would be added..

As to whether the teachers are moved by this good deal will be known after the elections in December....

As to whether it's just a sweet talk or a real deal will be detected after the NDC sits on the presidential sit.

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