Two Police Officers Were Arrested In Alleged Murder Of Refiloe. Read More

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28/06 /2022


According to the source, the body of Refiloe Malope who went missing for days was retrieved from a mine shaft in Benoni Gauteng on Monday.

Refiloe Malope aged 31 was allegedly kidnapped by two suspects. A Police officer, sergeant Thabo Letudi Mokoana aged (40), was stationed at Benoni SAPS, and Modirelwa Maxwell Mokoana aged (43) was arrested for her murder.

Suspects will be expected to appear before the magistrate's court today. It is alleged that the suspects have been threatening the victim for a while and there is something that the victim had for them.

This incident scared most South African people, and they shared their feelings about being protected by SAPS in our country

"When I think of policeman 'safety' is not the first thing that comes to my mind," said Thapelo Mathebula.

People think that there is no need to have police in our country because all that they do is take bribes and they are corrupted.

"the same policemen that hire private security companies to protect them at work when they are on night shift," said Mzansi citizens.

However, some people blame foreigners for all these things happening in our country, they believe that foreigners are under all these criminal activities in our country.

What's your view about this matter, let us know how you feel about this matter by sharing your thoughts below.


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