See how smartphone designs has evolved over the years

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While most people are looking forward to the specs of a smartphone, others are really interested in it's design - if it matches with the trend or if it's just comfortable for their use. The design of our smartphones has transformed from having physical keyboards to the amazing full edge-to-edge display.

Alright, just sit tight as you go through this visual journey.

1. QWERTY keyboard (2003)

The BlackBerry (RIM) 6210 launched in 2003 started the QWERTY design for smartphones, ever since, this design became popular for the Blackberry smartphones and very few Android devices like the Motorola Droid 4 and LG Optimus F3Q adopted it. This design, as of its time, offered flexible typing speed and special keys for special functions.

2. Bezel (2007)

The first generation iPhone launched in 2007 was the first true smartphone to feature a bezel design. This design has been the predominant since then till 5 years ago before newer designs started popping out. Though most people will arguably not call this a design, because it features no curves or style of any type as the smartphone body and screen appears to follow just a straight line.

3. Edge (2014)

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was the first smartphone to feature an edge screen with some software functionalities popping out from the edge. The Edge design takes off a side or both sides of the surrounding bezel on smartphone. 

4. Bezel-less (2014)

The bezel-less design seems like the futuristic design featuring an under screen camera and fingerprint scanner but this design has actually being around since the year 2014. The Sharp Aquos Crystal was the first smartphone with a bezel-less design launched in August 2014 by Sharp Electronics Corporation.

5. Notch (2017) 

The notch design is a design that is done on the top bezel of a smartphone. The notch design cuts out any bezel that is not occupied by any component of the smartphone which could be front camera, ear piece, etc. The Notch design has come in different varieties over the years ranging from the waterdrop display to the wide notch found on the iPhones called the "wedgers", side notch, double notch found on the Sharp Aquo R compact and the latest punch-hole notch display . The Sharp Aquos S2 was the first smartphone to feature a notch but the iPhone X became very popular for it.

6. Foldable display (2018)

This design hasn't been in rampant since its launch. The Royole FlexPai's was the first successful launched smartphone with a foldable display. Though most foldable displays usually bezel-less.

There have been great changes in device design and there will still be more designs coming in the years to come. 

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Alright, what is your favourite display design and what kind of futuristic display design do you think smartphones will feature in the next 5 years to come? Let me hear your comments!

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