Osita Iheme Aka pawpaw funniest & Memes maker, The Nigerian Hollywood actor & his amazing lifestyle

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Osita Iheme,a famous Nollywood performer who has become famous in the world.

He is nicknamed Pawpaw for acting the role of "PAWPAW" in a movie called "AKI NA UKWA"

this received lots of love from millions of Nigeria hollywood movies. He had since been a story of the day in the street.

Out of his hilarious actor, several people have used his photos for memes and has since gained him lots of fame

Osita Iheme was born on February 20, 1982, in Abia State. He's one the 5 children of his parents Augustine and Herbert Iheme. Osita is a Computer Science graduate at Lagos State University

He grew up in a humble background. He's acting career started in 2002.

He is also an author of books, successful business man, and also an artist

He also loves football had it not that he'd join film acting, he would be a footballer 😀😀

Iheme also has a family. Though he really keeps his family life secret to the media.

Above all, he loves to dress smart. Fashionable dude for real

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