I Have Rejected His Engagement Ring 3 Times And We Are Still Dating (Lady Brags)

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Blessing CEO, a well-known relationship therapist, has explained why she hasn't engaged after her divorce from her ex-husband. Blessing recently stated on her Instagram page that she is not able to marry since she is preoccupied with her passion and destiny.

She, on the other hand, claimed to be in a relationship with a man who has proposed to her three times, but she has turned down the ring because she is not like other women who are anxious to marriage.

"You have refused his engagement ring three times and we are still dating," she told Blessing CEO. I'm not ready to marry, I'm not terrified, and I'm not even close."

Finally, Blessing CEO stated that people should inquire as to when she plans to marry because she may opt to marry after she reaches the age of 60. She went on to say that her job is to teach others the path to marriage, but she is not yet ready to walk that path herself, despite the fact that marriage and singlehood are both great things.

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