Take a glass of guava leaf before bed and this will happen to you before you wake up

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One of the traditional methods Africans use to treat diseases and improve their immune systems is to take herbs. People in Limpopo have discovered the health benefits of drinking guava leaf tea and have since shared this information with other tribes.

Eventually, a man in Gauteng province decided to try Guava leaf. For months, he tried every medicine sold at the supermarket under the brand name "red pill," but his condition never improved. Until he heard about the health advantages of guava leaves from a Limpopo friend.

As the lady stated, the day after he took the leaf, he was unable to sleep since his thoughts kept nagging him for more. The man's girlfriend was constantly woken up at night by his boyfriend's constant requests for more. When the Guava herb has been cooked to a pulp.

As if he were about to pass out from too much Nunu, I served him well even though I was exhausted, she remarked.


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