A Country With a Population Of Less Than 1000 People


On July eleventh, every year,the United Nations along with United Nations Development Program celebrates world population day to bring focus and attention to the ever growing population in the world.

While the increasing population is one of the major concerns among the global organizations today.There are few nations who have very minimal population.The United Nations has a list of recognised countries and observer states of the smallest countries and the least populated ones.

Vatican City is a small state located in Europe.The state has a total population of eight hundred people according to the latest data by United Nations and United Nations Development Program.It is the least populated country in the world as well as the the smallest country in the world according to the United Nations data.

Vatican City covers an approximate area of 0.17 square miles which is equivalent to 0.44 square kilometers.The Country is enclosed within the Italian city of Rome and is ruled by the Pope.

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