Man arrested after beating a woman to death and hold her children hostage

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On Tuesday evening it was reported that a man from Zone 5 in Ga-Rankuwa just outside Pretoria has beaten a woman to death.

The man is also accused of being holding the woman's children hostage right after killing their mother.

South African Police Service were unable to negotiate with the man or to come up with a strategy as they had to wait for the negotiators to arrive at the scene.

After hours of negotiating, the police manage to arrest the man and the children were released.

However, a girl-child was reported to have sustained injuries from being beaten up by the man. She immediately received help from medical practitioners on scene.

Cases of Gender Based Violence have been opened in South Africa and it seems like these kind of offenses won't stop anytime soon.

Children need to be protected and kept safe at all times. The police and the community need to work hand in hand to stop this.

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