Opinion: How Murathe Engineered Jubilee Death, Moved On

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Leaders like Cate Waruguru have questioned the whereabouts of Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe after killing jubilee party. It's clear the once vibrant leader has taken a back seat and currently it's difficult to hear from him for he doesn't attend even Raila Odinga rallies.

Murathe has kept a low profile away from his past posture where he remained overly present. It's clear during jubilee final blows, Murathe was the leading face to ensure he chased members who associated with William Ruto in whatever manner as well his word was final in matters the party as he seemed to have a one on one message from Uhuru.

However sarcastically, after achieving his agenda of killing jubilee party and bringing it to it's knees, Murathe has moved on. He has left jubilee leaders on their own with aspirants fighting claims that jubilee was dead revealing it was still alive despite obvious reasons to believe of it's death.

It's however matter of wait and see of what will unfold moving into the 2022 general election. It's clear jubilee party has left its room into the opposition camp with all party ardent supporters campaigning for Raila Odinga. Time will tell of Murathe next moves after he left jubilee completely in shambles.

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