"No Room For Negotiations We Are Closing Dadaab and Kakuma Camps" Matiangi After Terrorist Attack


The Cabinet secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government Dr Fred Matiangi has declared that Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps shall be closed definitely. He has also stated that they shall not allow any room for negotiations.

This comes after the Wednesday 24th March 2021 morning terrorist attack whereby a bus hit an IED in the Mandera-Arabia road. The bus was heading from Mandera to Laffey constituency.

Atleast three people are feared to to have died from the morning incident and several others have sustained various injuries.

This increase in the incidences of terrorist attacks in Mandera county is what has triggered the move. It believed that the camps are the ones that breed the terrorist and therefore getting rid of them will reduce the attacks.

Do you think that closing the refugee camps will be a lasting solution to eradicate the terrorists?

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