5 Things You Spend Most Of Your Time Doing That Can Be Regarded As Idolatry

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The Bible clearly warns against idol worship (Exodus 20). It points out the fact that God is one and He alone deserves our worship. However, when we divert our worship to other objects then it becomes idol worship. Hence, idolatry refers to the practice of worshipping other objects other than God. These objects include: carved images, animals, plants, people or anything else that is God's creation. These idols can also be referred to as gods.

Worship of God refers to ascribing glory, honour, praise, reverence and respect to God. It is the expression of our utmost dependence on God as our source and Creator showing that there is none besides Him. Hence, worship of God means putting God at the centre of every aspect of our lives. It means being ready to spend money, time and our whole being for the sake of God's glory in our lives. Therefore, any time you do the following thing at the expense of your relationship with God, you are plunging into idolatry without knowing:

1. Uncontrollable use of phones and other gadgets

For example, nowadays most people use their phones to play games, manage online businesses, communicate and do many other important activities. However, when we become more attached to our mobile phones or computers than with God, then it shows that our priority is artificial things rather than God. This can be rightly described as idolatry when done in the extreme.

2. Money

Jesus taught that it is impossible to equally serve both God and money (Matthew 6:24). In other words, while money is important, it should never take the better part of our lives. Most people only find joy when they have money. However, God should be the source of our joy. Money becomes an idol when it is prioritised over our relationship with God.

3. Material wealth

Some people are obsessed with material possessions and luxurious lifestyles. These include obsession with posh vehicles and houses, among others. Focusing more on gaining material wealth at the expense of our relationship with God is a sign of idolatry.

4. Food

While food is necessary for our survival, we should not become enslaved by food. Obsession with food is a clear pointer to idol worship. We should be able to tame our appetites.

5. Relationships

Relationships play a very important role in the life of a person. Relationships can be between boys and girls, parents and children, people and animals, among others. However, when we prioritize them over our relationship with God, we may end up idolizing these relationships.

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