How to make your home made Sewasho using Salt and Spirits

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Only for a job hunt needs someone with eager to bath with Muthi that will surely open one's door. A lady shared how to mix your own Sewasho using three combination. On the video she exposed that all you need is to add salt together with spirits into your bath water.

After that you will need to add Madubala to the mixture, before getting into the water. She said to start bathing you will need to get into the water with a full body. No half body wash, since people don't want to bath while looking forward for better chances of being spotted out there. "Get into the tub bath your body without using a soap bath" she said.

Lady explained the importance of experimenting this, it is not witchcraft to bath your views away. Learn to cleanse instead of shying away from your own culture. Stay clean since you meet different people all over she said.

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