Nonkanyiso allegedly dies, aged 22 on Uzalo leaving viewers in shock

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We have watched Uzalo for a long time and every drama we witnessed was fun. We also enjoyed watching Nonkanyiso struggle through life as a teenager to the point where she later got married to Sbonelo.

Nonkanyiso has a role most young girls can relate to because of how she grew up and the way we have learnt to adore her ever since she was a child. It would be really sad if she were to exit Uzalo show at such a stage when there is not much drama happening.

witnessed Nonkanyiso getting stabbed on Uzalo so unexpectedly to the point where viewers were left in shock and confused at what was gonna happen. She became unconscious and everyone seems to believe that she might not make it

We are not sure whether Nonkanyiso will die or not on Uzalo but we suspect something completely unexpected. What's your take on this matter? Do you think she will die?? Drop your comments below.

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