All Pastors And Leaders Must Learn This Act of Humility from Rev. Eastwood Anaba


Humility, they say is the hallmark of every spiritually minded person. The Holy Bible says he that humbles himself will be raised by God, but he that raises himself will be brought down by same God.

One sect of people that most often get lured into haughtiness and pomposity is pastors. Most often, it is the cause of some of their church members. They literally worship them as God. Interestingly, many of these pastors believe they are entitled to the praise and worship being hurled at them by their church members. It eats into their heads to the extent that they lose sight of the fact that, they are mere mortals who are only supposed to preach the Gospel to the lost.

I am not by this trying to insinuate that one must not respect their pastors. It is far from that. Respect them in the same way you respect the elderly, or better still, respect them in the same way you respect your fellow human being. All worship and praise belongs to God Almighty.

In most one-man churches, the the founder and pastor is the number one authority. He advises and reprimands everyone around him, but he himself doesn't have any group of persons to hold him in check. The example Rev. Eastwood Anaba has set is worth emulating by all pastors and leaders.

Despite the fact that he is the founder of the Fountain Gate Charpel Worldwide, he presided over the election of a chairman for his church to whom he himself will answer. According to him, the chairman's position is not a ceremonial one, but the highest human authority. "Even me, I answer to the chairman. If I say 14-day fast, but the chairman says 30-day, then it will be be 30-day but not 14-day", he made known.

For a pastor of such calibre to see to the election of a chairman for his own church and submit himself under him is a very great sign of humility which is worth emulating. "There are times when you and somebody can be at the same level, but for the sake of godliness, you may have to humble yourself under him so that God's name may be glorified", the man of God said.

This act of humility from the man of God should serve as a lesson to all those who may be in high positions. No matter the position you may occupy, you must have a body of persons to keep you in check, lest you become a god unto yourself. It is for this reason that even the president has a council of state.

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