The World Health Organisation is concerned about the mixing of Covid 19 vaccines.

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Virologist Professor Barry Shew gave his opinion to Enca news reporter Tumelo Mothothwane on 20 August 2021. In the interview he gave on the minute research data on the safety of mixing Covid vaccines due to the stark shortage in getting the second batch. This is after the massive shortage in getting the second dose of coronavirus vaccines. The primary reason for people to get second doses of the vaccine is because of the boost in immunity it gives one's body when they have gotten two doses.


The gravamen of the interview was centered on the safety of mixing the corona virus vaccines. Many countries are considering mixing the second doses of Covid vaccines due to the shortage of the vaccines they ordered. Professor Shew was asked if it is safe to do mix vaccines? He held that the only issue found to be evaluated and considered to be safe is when one got the first shot of AstraZeneca and then later to get the second jab being Pfizer. What should not be promoted is getting the vaccines vice versa because one will not get a good immune response to it.


In other words if your first jab of the vaccine was Pfizer you should not mix it with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as well. The mixture of vaccines was evaluated on its safety and its efficacy. The global trend of the delay and supply of the vaccines is alarming as many countries are scrambling for the limited supply of vaccines. The delay on the supply of vaccines is due to the global competition and a limited supply of the vaccines. 

Overall despite the shortage the professor encouraged people to get vaccinated. This is because the primary use of the vaccine is to give the immune systema boost to be able to detect and fight off any infection, in this particular case the coronavirus. Hearsay comments that allude that vaccines give one a virus is false.


Many people are concerned about what's going to follow for the second batch, The advice to those who are getting their second dose is to stick to the Pfizer vaccine. One should not get a dose of Johnson and Johnson when they have already gotten their first dose. There are many testimonials of many having side effects after taking the vaccine. to percent of people may have side effects which can be alleviated by common paracetamols. These side effects are due to the various chemicals in the vaccine and some people are more sensitive to the chemicals. As it stands more than 25 million healthcare workers have been vaccinated in South Africa. 

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