FUL 2:2 LIV: Why Arnold's Defensive Weakness Should Push Jurgen Klopp Into Changing His Position.

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Liverpool played their first game of the English Premier League this season when they travelled to face Fulham at the Carven Cottage Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The Reds escaped from a defeat in today's match as they held Fulham to a disappointing 2:2 draw courtesy of goals for Mohamed Salah, Darwin Nunez, and Alexsander Mitrovic (brace).

Well, Alexander Arnold made his first premier league appearance of the season today for Liverpool against Crystal Palace. The English International once again showed his weakness defensively as he caused the first goal which Liverpool conceded to Fulham. The 24-year-old was easily bullied by Alexsander Mitrovic in an aerial challenge for the ball which led to Fulham's opener against Liverpool.

Well, I think Trent Alexander Arnold's defensive weakness should push Jurgen Klopp into changing his position. The English International has shown he is only good offensively and can't give Liverpool that extra strength defensively. Jurgen Klopp should consider using him as a central midfielder or in another position where he can flaunt his great qualities offensively. If this isn't done, the English International will keep being a weak part of Liverpool's backline which other top teams in the competition will easily exploit.

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