See the eight most expensive dog breed in the world and No1 looks like a wolf.

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Dog is something that one can invest as his source of income. due to it's high demand, many individual take dog as their part of family. See the eight most expensive dog breed of all time.

(8) Rottweiler: this breed of dog is so strong and fitted, they can even pull someone down. It can be train in different ways and they have physical strength. it worth about $9000.

(7) Azawakh: this breed of dog love to be with family, and they are playful. they have a long leg, inwhich most breed of dogs don't have it. and it worth about $9,500.

(6) Yorkshire terrier: this breed of dog originate from England, with a lifespan of 13-16 years. it worth about $9,800.

(5) Bernese mountain dog: this breed of dog is the fifth most expensive dog as of 2020, it was originated in Switzerland and has a lifespan of 6-7 years. it worth about $10,000.

(4) Tibetan mastiff: this dog were initially used as guardian and protectors, but are prone to some health issues such as, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and eye anomalies. it worth about $10,000.

(3) Chow Chow: this breed of dog originated in northern China, and it's regarded as the oldest and rarest dog breed in the world. it worth about $11000.

(2) Lowchen: this is the second most expensive dog, this dog is also referred to as the little lion dog. this breed of dog is always active and playful and mostly found in Europe. it worth about $12000.

(1) Samoyed: this is the world most expensive dog of all time. This breed of dog is known for it's kind, loving and eager to please attitude with its smiling face. this dog is prone to health issue such as, corneal dystrophy, cardiac disorder. this dog worth about $14000.

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