Opinion: Frequent Mistakes Done By Teachers while Filling TPAD

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While filing and updating TPAD, most teachers make mistakes that can be used against them by the employer to take disciplinary action. One of these mistakes is the account log in. All teachers are expected to log in into their TPAD account at the begining of the term, and log out at the end of the term. However, most of them logs in either in the middle or towards the end, just to fill their data and log out.

Another one, is the abnormal submission that is, early submission of appraisal for appraiser assessment. This data can only be submitted for appraisal once the learners are through with their last examinations of the term. It's when a teacher can fill in all standards and learners progress record. But some tutors do it extremely early, before students do their last assessment. How they get learners progress for that term is a misery.

Besides these, most teachers also go ahead to doctor learners progress to their favour. In such, the mean they submit and results does not tally. Something that is against teachers code of conduct and ethics. And in most cases, the appraisee scores 100 percent. This shows that a teacher overates himself or herself as their are always professional gaps.

Therefore, all teachers should abhor to the TSC code of conduct while filling TPAD. This will help to improve teaching standards.

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