The most expensive jewellery owned by king Mswati, his wives and kids

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An 18k white gold Jacob & Co five time zones watch with a green alligator strap and baguette cut diamonds is displayed here. Only 12 will be made. The timepiece cost $520 000 (R7 500 000 million). As the United Nations has observed, 26% of children under the age of five in Swaziland are suffering from malnutrition, which is a significant problem for the country's population.

It was discovered that Mswati's five-year-old daughter was seen wearing a 440-pound (about R9000) gucci leather bracelet. Mswati is the mother of nearly two dozen children, many of whom own luxurious possessions. Because the government of this father's kid still refuses to provide workers with minimum wages of R3500, workers in Swaziland are paid R531 a month.

Princess Yenzile, the 18-year-old daughter of Mswati, wore her Rolex Date just with a white gold fluted bezel and stainless steel oyster bracelet. $13 000 is equivalent to R190 000 in South African rands. There are still people (taxpayers) who live in terrible poverty while the royal family enjoys opulence. Is it fair, then, that some people have no place to call home at all?

LaNgangaza, the wife of the monarch, is seen here wearing a diamond-studded 18k yellow gold necklace by Jacob & Co. The retail cost is $29 388. (R443k). Think of all the food you could buy for your family with this amount of money.

A $147, 000 white gold watch worn by Mswati's other wife

This $55 000 Jacob and Co clock belongs to Prince Sikhanyiso, who is Swaziland's first son and minister of information communication technology (R837 000). This item is one of a kind and only 101 copies will ever be made.

Mswati wore a ghost baguette diamond with a rose gold case when he met with King Letsie of Lesotho in July. $35, 000 is the price of the watch (R511 900).

Ruby tourbillon timepiece by Jacob and Co. There are only six of the 18k (R12 900 000) timepieces in existence.


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