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In a public notice issued this evening, Kenya Revenue Authority wishes to inform all manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers of excisable goods that pursuant to the provision of the Excise duty. Therefore Excisable Goods Management System shall be rolling out a new generation of excise stamps for alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, water and soft drinks.

According to the public notice, this roll out will be conducted in three phases as follows. To begin with, it is true that KRA is Government's agency charged with the role of assessing, collecting and accounting for all revenue on its behalf.

However, there are certain revenues such as property rates that are imposed and collected by the County Governments.

Therefore the overall mandate of KRA is to assess, collect and account for all tax revenues in accordance with the written laws and specified provision of written laws.

The details for the roll out, including the cut off dates for issuance of the current generation of paper stamps and a user guide on how to apply for new stamps are available on the KRA website.

The roll out of the new generation of excise stamps shall not affect taxpayers using digital stamps.

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