Dineo suspended for dancing on the company equipment during working hours

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Metro FM is said to have suspended Dineo Ranaka due to misconduct.This comes after she filmed herself dancing on top of office furniture at the SABC studios for umlando challenge.

Her fans think that Metro FM had an agenda they just wanted her out but couldn't find a reason to kick her out so this video came in at the right time.

Every working place has ethics and code of conduct. Perhaps Dineo saw no wrong in doing a challenge at her workplace afterall we all wanna have some fun at work.

Dineo shared her video and immediately deleted it afterwards, but it was too late has it was already shared.

SABC’s group executive for corporate affairs, Gugu Ntuli, who said, “The SABC can confirm that Dineo Ranaka is not scheduled on Metro FM at this stage and as a matter of principle the corporation does not discuss matters relating to its independent contractors in public.”

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