You cannot bring the culture of silence on this program: Abronye declares as he "fires" NPP guru


Abronye DC is on his hot seat again. This time the heat is more than a burning furnace. On Saturday, the 15th May 2021, Kwame Baffoe Abronye dug into his own party exposing a high member who he claims is engaged in illegal mining, galamsey. This sparked a lot of controversies in the country about why the same people in government will destroy the land and water bodies in such manner. This evening, Saturday 22nd May 2021, Kwame Baffoe is back again with more fire.

He has sent a strong warning to his own party members who have allegedly called the head of Wontumi media to tame Kwame Baffoe on the program he hosts, Nsempa fie. In his words he said: "you cannot introduce that culture of silence on this program. I am not someone who can be silenced. How can you shut me up?", he questioned. He has dared to expose more about the man in question if he keeps sending people after him (Abronye). He however did not mention the man's name but sent a strong warning to the man telling him to refrain from calling Chairman Wontumi to stop the Nsempa fie program.

Source: Wontumi TV, Nsempa fie, Saturday

22nd May 2021.