Checkout Things That Have Ever Happened to Passengers Who Sleep in Matatu While Traveling


Sometimes it is very important to be very cautious when traveling for long distances. Some people have gone through bad experiences by making mistake of sleeping in a matatu while still traveling. Sometime before you travel take time and have enough sleep to avoid sleeping in car. It is wise to note that not every person have good intentions. Some mistakes can really cost you and later come to regret.Some people have reported cases of losing their money and other important personal items while traveling. Mostly when you are asleep you don't realize the pickpockers stealing from you, by the time you wake up, you just notice that you don't have your phone or money. No matter how you sleep, some people who usually steal these things have a unique way of doing it such that you can't even feel it.

Secondly, some people have found themselves in different locations away from their desired destination. Such that one get asleep and since the matatu conductor don't know exactly where you are going, you end up in other places since the car is at high speed.This may force you to incur some other extra cost of paying for transport to get to your desired destination.

It is very important to always stay sober and alert when traveling to note any uncommon behaviors. Remember also that you have a right to talk against careless driving and over speeding. Sometimes it is better to take action before it is late. When traveling always avoid taking alot of food that may make you uncomfortable durning your journey.

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