In Shock: Connie Ferguson's Daughter Gets A Tattoo Of Her Late Father SHONA Ferguson

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As human beings we grieve differently and deal with grief in the best way we know how. Death is not easy and can harm anyone. Some days are worse than others while others seem promising. But we do differently to cope with the pain we experience.

 The family of the late Shona Ferguson seems to hold on and stay strong. It is true that when in difficult times learn about God and he will help you. Her family is celebrating three months without her and we can only imagine how she felt.

 Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is his daughter whom he loves and adores as much as he shares photos of himself. One of them showed him a tattoo he got. It was one of his pictures where he looked down and had wings. It was probably his way of making sure he was alive or he would always see her.

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