Movies You Need To Watch In August 2020

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Here are popular upcoming movies for the month of August.

Work It

A Clumsy 18-year-old achieves near-perfection with the progress of her diaphanous hard work. She vows to metamorphose her clumsiness by a way of dance, and refine her abilities until she competes at a competition. The new dance film stars Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy. Set to be released August 7.

The Tax Collector 

A tax collector, working for a native crime lord finds his family's security jeopardized when the coequal of his boss turns up in Los Angeles and surmount the business. The film stars Shia LaBeouf. Set be released August 7.


An Ex-Prisoner teams up with his old team to locate an inhumed bag of cash that was stolen a decade ago during an unsuccessful DEA bust. Set to be released August 7.


Chris and Riley, who are deeply in love with each other are disunited when Chris encounters an unfortunate car accident which cost his life, and his now stuck in a limbo. Chris overcomes life and death to reunite with his lover. Set to be released August 14.

Project Power

It stars Jamie Foxx who plays as an Ex-soldier(Art). He teams up with a cop and a teenager to take down the people behind a pill that grants its consumers transient unknown superpowers. Set to be released August 14.


After a road encounter which almost lead to an accident, a mentally unstable stranger who was involved seeks an apology from the woman who precipitated it, who later refused to apologize. Then the stranger begins stalking and tormenting her life in New Orleans. Set to be released August 21.


Tenet is an upcoming film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. It's his latest masterpiece waiting to be published in the Movies on the 26th of August 2020. It tells the story of an agent of an organization called “Tenet” tasked to cease the incidence of a world war. There is news that, Christopher Nolan bought and crashed a Real plane for the movie. Set to be released August 26.

The New Mutants

Five mutant with unique ability are held captive in a hidden facility, of which they are unaware of how they got there. They have to now work together to rescue themselves. Set to be released August 28.

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