'Medikal' flaunting in his new mansion with expensive cars surface on the internet

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Mr. Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known as Medikal and his wife and lovely daughter have been spotted in the video posted by Flow Delly standing in front of their new mansion house with expensive cars parking at the house.

There will be a video link at the end of the article.

After the police issue of the rapper, he first posted a video of himself with his daughter and observed the background song which title is ' Jah Guide' with tears shows that some friends neglected him during his difficulties so he had made the song for them.

After that video of him has been followed by him standing in front of a mansion. He generates money to own that mansion through the music career and other ventures.

Supportive women like Fella have brought Medikal to this far, through his hard times she was there, and now Medikal, the multi-award winner artist who loved to show off how his expensive lifestyle has done it again and building a mansion. He has not disclosed the amount of the money yet.


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