Even after 11 marriages to 9 men, a woman still believes in love (SEE)

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Woman Married 11 Times to 9 Men Still Believes in Love, Hopes to Find the 1

During her lifetime, a woman disclosed that she had been married 11 times to nine different men.

The 52-year-old woman is hopeful that she will find her true love and has not given up her search.

Wedding, divorceIn her romantic life, an American woman has had a lot of bad luck. Franziska Krug is the photographer behind this image. Getty Images is the source of this image.

She has always been obsessed with marriage, and when she was younger, she fantasized about marrying her brother's friends.

When she graduated from high school, she married for the first time. She had a run of failed marriages after that.

She had been proposed to 28 times in her life. She has married men she had just known for a week at times.

On the other note : A newly wedded Nigerian lady, Annabella Joseph, has taken to social media to celebrate the success of her holy matrimony with a man she met on Facebook.

An excited Annabella walked social media users through how they met, revealing that she made the first move by sending the man identified as David Durowaiye a private message.

Joy as bold Nigerian lady slides into her crush's DM on Facebook and marries him 6 months laterThe couple met on Facebook Photo Credit: Annabella Joseph Source: UGC

He was her crush; Narrating how their relationship started, Annabella said she had a crush on the man and messaged him after seeing a certain post he made on Facebook.

Sharing a screenshot of their first-ever conversation as well as their wedding photos on the Facebook group Rant HQ Extension, she hailed herself for being a smart girl stating that they bonded within the shortest of time.

She had first turned down his marriage proposal.

Despite David being her crush, Annabella said she had initially turned down his marriage proposal which came in less than 6 months of their physical meeting.

Annabella explained that this was because she thought things were happening so fast.

She went on to hail the man for not making fun of her for making the first move adding that their union was already destined by God.

She wrote:

"We're grateful to God for the success of the wedding ☺ ☺

"Yes! I slid into his Dm after I saw one of his posts here, as per sharp girl I no waste time, if not that God had already destined this maybe the guy for carry me make Yeye.

"I won... We bonded within the shortest time , in less than 6 months of our meeting he asked if I was going to marry him but everything was happening too fast so I refused but here we are I WON...I'm the most happiest girl alive. Send your gifts ooooo.

"For as many that are trusting God for such blessing, the Lord will do it. Amen."

Racheal Kefas opined:

"Congratulations dear, but honestly is so painful how Africans don’t see it normal for a lady to approach a guy, u will see ur crush but can’t approach him for the fear of not being taken for granted… Too bad."

David Onah said:


"Ladies a beg it is not a crime to tell a guy you like him or you're crushing on him, the worse that can happen is that he already has a girl.. "#FeelFreeToExpressYourself

"Thank you."

Temitope Esther Kofoworade wrote:

"Congratulations to you both. I wish you marital bliss all the way. Fruitfulness on every side IJN."

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