US Airforce Conducts Rescue Mission on Kenyan Coast

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A British mariner is lucky to be alive after he was rescued by US Air Force while after suffering a heart attack on the Kenyan Coast.

According to reports by reliable sources, it is alleged that the Warfighter Recovery (rescuers), received an urgent request on behalf of the soldier, Kevin Nixon, who was in a US cargo ship Liberty Grace on Saturday, November 14.

It is reported that Nixon was experiencing a symptom of heart attack when the call was made to the Network.

The team of five was then dispatched to the ship where they spotted the mariner who was experiencing heart attack signs and stabilized him.

Picture Courtesy : US Air Force helicopter and US cargo ship Liberty Grace in the Indian Ocean.

The reports indicate that the ship was 500 nautical miles off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean.

Speaking after the rescue, the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) director of operations, Major-General Gregory Anderson, revealed that the operation was unique since it involved a rare situation.

He said "While the primary mission of Warfighter Recover Network is to rescue our military personnel during operations in Africa, its robustness allows for unique missions like this,".

The operation involved tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft and a Marine Corps KC-130 tanker for aerial refueling support, as well as the PJs, the Air Force’s elite rescue specialists.

Nixon was then taken to a medical center in Nairobi for specialised treatment after the ship maneuvered towards Manda Bay Airfield overnight.

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