Find out how witches and wizards gets to find the location of everyone on earth - Occult Confession


In continuing his secret confessions in order for Christians to be serious with our God, this is what a former Occultist has to say.

Human Meat: Today most processed meat is not animal meat but human meat. When you eat human meat that you buy in the market, it stays in your body instead of going out. In times of battle against God's children, we were checking in their stomachs whether they have eaten human meat, and in case they had a piece in their stomach, it was a legality that it was enabling us to paralyze their prayer lives.

He said that the Principality in charge of World Food is the Goddess Maya, who would scan you in battle to check whether you have human meat in order to have legality to bring down your prayer life. They use this meat to downgrade the prayer life of God's children because they don't want God's children to pray for long hours.

The Spiritual Surveillance Infrastructure and Logistic of Communication: In the astral world, he had cars, planes and helicopters; and when he takes off to travel to the hyperspace and the satanic world, the smoke was coming out of his engine and entering people’s houses. Whenever people breathe these smokes, they fall sick.

He continued “Wherever you live on the earth, you must understand there are unseen transport and communication infrastructure. There are logistics of the devil everywhere on the Earth. There are powerful and satanic satellites, radars and cameras filming this world 24 hours.

One day I was moving in space, I saw a satellite system of the satanic world in the spirit world. I was curious and I approached this invisible satellite. When I got closer, I saw unknown entities who looked like robots. They were actually demons of technology working in satellites of Satan that are controlling this Earth.

There are communication systems installed everywhere in this world. The witches work a lot with communication infrastructure. The demonic army on the land win the war against Christians thanks to communication and advanced systems. In the war of witchcraft against God's children, there is always monitoring and surveillance of Christians.

In the astral world of witches, we had advanced phone system of Satan superior to the physical system in the physical world. Very often we call one another on the phone just like people of the Earth. Often in witchcraft conflicts, I would call the control tower to ask information about God's children.

I would call and say, “Control tower, I want to know the whereabouts of the target in this precise moment.” The control tower of surveillance functions like a police or surveillance center. Often, they will say to me, “The camera and radar is showing that the targeted Christian you are after went to the market. At this moment he is on the bus in the main boulevard going to the market.”

When I was informed about the location of a targeted believer, we were rushing to deploy snares and booby traps. We will often put them before sellers that are witches so that you would buy from that seller, a servant of Satan.

When the control tower informed me that you are in a bus moving, I would try to place a rock before the bus to cause an accident. When I am informed that you went to visit a sister, I would work to influence the sister so that you would fall in fornication with her.

Brother, I am trying to tell you that you are under surveillance and you are monitored by radars, cameras and surveillance systems of the enemy. Whenever you leave your house to go out in the city there are unseen spirits following you. There are intelligence agents.

I mean there are unclean spirits everywhere even in the trees. Wherever you see the telecommunication antenna in the city, the devil was also putting our antennas side by side and whatever phone call and message you sent to your friends and families were copied and recorded in our system. Whenever you make a call, it goes first to the central server of the world of Satan before reaching your interlocutor.

It is only true Christians that lead a life of fasting and prayer that cause the system of Satan to crash when they call for, we could not hear their call and see them in the camera and radar. Everything is monitored to gather intelligence about God's children in order to deploy traps and snares.


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