Many People Don't Know Why Modern Cars Have This Small Object. This Is The Reason


Do you know why this small fin-like object is always mounted on the top-back of many modern vehicles? 

One thing that has always been constant in the automobile industry is innovation. With the dawning of each day, we have been wowed with brand-new technological improvements that have kept us asking for more. One of such innovations is the small shark fin-like object visible at the top-end of many modern automobiles. Truth is, many people don't know what that little piece is all about. 

Interestingly, without knowing what that stuff is, most people fall in love with it at first sight because it adds beauty and elegance to the car, however, that's not the primary purpose why it is there. The name of that little stuff you see on the top-end of modern cars is "shark antenna", a hybrid car antenna developed to replace traditional car antennas. 

As seen from the images above, these modern antennas have many functions including Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and AM radio connections. These gadgets are enclosed inside the fin-like case to give the car a more elegant look and optimum connectivity. 

Hope this information was useful? Please share with us, what have you been calling this object before now?