10 Ways on How to prevent finances from ruining your relationship/marriage

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Money factor can bring trouble in a relationship when not handle in a good way. It can even cause separation between two lover. Due to this I will take you through some ways you can manage your finances and avoid lots of problems in your marriage:

1. Love the person not the money

Do not let money be the reason you love someone. For money can come and go. This means sometimes we can make profit and others loss. If your love for someone is based on their wealth or lack of it then it is not love but a commercial opportunity.

2. Disclose your financial background

Share with your partner and inform him or her if you have debts or you were once wealthy. Tell her how you got rich or broke and why. This is because your partner needs to know who he/she is committing to.

3. Earn a living that is fulfilling

Find a job or income activity you love. If you hate your work it will affect your peace and joy and you will be bringing frustrations at home. When you love your work, you enjoy paying for your daily bread.

4. Both of you should contribute

You should pay bills together by picking those items that each one of you will pay for. Both of you should find ways to contribute as this will not make anyone feel overburden or useless.

When someone gives they have more confidence. You will realize that even the man who demands to pay all bills alone will admire and respect a woman who can earn and handle finances too.

5. Be aware of each other's capacity

Even as you both earn, it does not mean that you two will be on the same financial level. Do not discriminate or look down on each other based on capacity because you are in this together.

6. Grow together

Whatever little you have as an individual or a couple, there is still room for growth. They say no romance without money but love motivates people to grow. When you have a target for your love, you become better.

7. Be open and transparent

Be an open person and have a joint bank account if you agree. Be comfortable to tell your partner when you are broke or when you have a good deal.

8. Live within your means

Do not spend more than you earn or force yourself to live in a class bracket that you cannot sustain instead work towards getting towards that class. Be financially disciplined and plan what is ahead.

9. Enjoy wealth together

No need to work so hard when you cannot enjoy what you reap. Have fun and spoil yourselves as well as treat yourself with the fruit of your joint labor.

10.Avoid debts

Even if you will take loans, work on being self sufficient as a couple as soon as possible. Always aim for surplus.

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