Zimbabweans are angry with SA based Joshua Maponga after seeing this

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Many people look up to pastors and other spiritual leaders for their deeds and, more importantly, for the message they preach. As a result, they begin following them on social media platforms in order to gain access to more of their teachings.

In addition to being an author, philosopher, public speaker, social entrepreneur, and musician, Joshua Maponga is a Zimbabwean-born South African citizen who was raised in Cape Town. After delivering sermons in which he advocated for the empowerment of African-Americans, Joshua became a household name. A lot of African-Americans are influenced by his teachings since he taught them how to create their own enterprises, how to preserve their customs and traditions, and how not to mindlessly imitate Western culture.

This has been a challenge for the vast majority of those who are lacking. As a result of helping them come to terms with their true selves, Joshua provided them with a source of motivation and inspiration. However, a recent picture of Joshua Maponga on social media has enraged many Zimbabweans.

A picture of him was posted online showing him dressed in ZANU pf regalia, the party that now holds power in Zimbabwe, and surrounded by members of the party. A large number of Zimbabweans were enraged by this, given the widespread hostility toward the ruling party that has resulted from Zimbabwe's shattered economy.

Zimbabwe's well-known economic problems are having a direct impact on South Africa, as many Zimbabweans are fleeing to South Africa in search of a better life. They assumed Maponga stood for black liberation, therefore his affiliation with a party that does not prioritize its constituents was both shocking and upsetting.

Source: https://twitter.com/daddyhope/status/1482374146633908224?t=F0N68VQ8Ec9AdlvoeHve0A&s=19

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