"We are in trouble Mzansi, wake up ", says tweet after Nigerians were seen with this.

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It seems as if since the Parklands incident, South Africans are no longer feeling safe, that they make allegations out of everything that involves Nigerians.

A video of Nigerians armed, carrying guns has been making rounds on social media with others asking where they are and others fearing for their lives as they assume that, Nigerians are starting war.

" Where is this from? They are weaponing. Is war coming?", One asked

" Before you even know whether it is in South Africa, you are already blaming ANC", another commented.

However, there are those who said the house looks like nothing of the houses in South Africa and urged people to stop making assumptions and inflicting fear in people .


There has not been any confirmation as to whether the house that Nigerians are into is do South Africa or not. All that people have by far are just speculations.

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