64-year-old Man Sentenced To Life For Sneaking Into His Daughter's Room And Raping Them Continuously

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Two daughters who had been manhandled by their dad were at long last given equity after he was sentenced to life in prison by Madaraka courts. The 64-year-old father was seen as at legitimate fault for going into his daughter's room late around evening time and manhandling the two daughters for quite a long time.

The man slept with her biological daughter, yet additionally her stepdaughter, who languished over a year at his hands. He was continuously slipping into the minor's room late around evening time when his wife and other family individuals were profound sleeping. This might cause no or insignificant disturbance since he compromised the adolescents assuming they uncovered the event.

In the wake of becoming weary of terrifying the young ladies, they had the fortitude and solidarity to let their mom know what had occurred. She quickly detailed it to the police headquarters, where he was captured and viewed as blameworthy.

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