Check out Lovely and adorable photos of Mariam Ajike, Hajia4Real's beautiful younger sister.

Hajia4Real (Mona Faiz Montrage) is a prominent Ghanaian socialite, entrepreneur, influencer, and actress who was born on June 26, 1993.

Hajia4Real and her siblings were born and raised in Tamale, Ghana's northern region.

Her father is Lebanese, and her mother is Ghanaian, so she has a mixed heritage.

She went to Tamale for elementary school and Accra for high school, where she attended Labone Senior Senior School.

She studied fashion and architecture at the Art Institute of New York in New York, New York.

Hajia4Real is the owner of the "4Real Beauty Cosmetics Line" cosmetics company.

She is the founder and CEO of LVC Entertainment, a New York-based event and entertainment solutions company. The business, which specializes in event planning, multimedia development, and talent management, rose to prominence in 2016 after hosting Accra's largest end-of-year party, the Global Wave.

In today's article, we are going to show you pictures of Hajia4Real lovely and beautiful sister who is a medical doctor.

Hajia4Real has not been seen sharing pictures of her family members in years, until recently in December 2020, when she revealed her younger sister on her Instagram post, congratulating her on her medical degree graduation. She shared a picture of her younger sister with a sweet caption that reads, "My baby sister is a doctor. Proud is an understatement."

Cute enough to stop your heart, professional enough to restart it, as her mortarboard says. We don't just do beauty in the family; we also do brainss

Hajia4Real's sister's name is Mariam Ajike Sumaila, and she has around 5,000 Instagram followers.

Below are lovely photos of her.

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