I am Disappointed He Was Not Recognised: Mother Of Student Who Gifted Raila State House Dummy

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What was expected to be a life-changing point for a 17-year-old Narok boy who gifted the ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga, State House dummy is now a disappointing story for his mother.

The single mother, while appearing for an interview with the Nation Africa on Tuesday, May 24, expressed her disappointment why her son was not recognised for his masterpiece.

She revealed that the disappointment was due to the fact her son, Wellington Otieno, was not accorded any much-needed recognition even after gifting the dummy State House which had Kenyan flag beside it to the Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila during a campaign in Narok.

"I was shocked when I learnt about it online through a local newspaper that a group of youth from Narok gifted the former Prime minister 'State House' and learnt that he was Wellington," she told Nation.

However, she was certain that Wellington will have time to gift the State House to his favourite presidential aspirant.

According to the Form Three student at Masikonde Day Secondary School, Narok town, he will gift the State House to a presidential candidate who will (according to Otieno) be elected the fifth president of Kenya in August 9 presidential election.

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