The world's longest car that has a sitting room, swimming pool and a helicopter landing pad


The rate at which technology is now far advancing is becoming very interesting and I can’t wait to see how technologically advanced our world will become in the early decades to come, but it is always a sad story when you look at the african continent.

Also known as the American dream car, the wonderful design and awesomeness of this car is too beautiful to believe as it has lot of Magnificat facilities in it for people to call it a home.

It was established in the 1990s and designed by jay Ohrberg based on the ideas of Cadillac eldorado in 1976 and became the world’s longest car measuring about 30 meters from each end to the other.

It is driven by two drivers and consist of two engines and 26 wheels and is fitted with modern day facilities such as a bathtub , swimming pool , a sitting room and a helipad for helicopters to land on it.

Presently the car is said to be worth over $4 million dollars and is one of the most expensive cars in history looking at its amazing infrastructure it carries.

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