After Tottenham Win 1.0, See 3 Famous Players Who Managed to Silent Mahrez and Grealish

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Welcome to this channel and feel free to see top three famous players who managed managed to silent Mahrez and Grealish, remember this are my opinions.

1. Son

He is a South Korean player who plays as a forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and captains the South Korea national team. Son he is the man of match after scoring first goal Tottenham in 55th minutes. Son he managed to secure Tottenham goal especially in second where game looks difficult to score for both teams. In full time game ended 1.0, see results in the screenshot below and player who managed assist to Son.

2. Steven Charles Bergwijn

Bergwijn in second half he managed to pass a brilliant assist to Son and Tottenham Hotspur win their first goal in 55th minutes. Bergwijn he managed to silent Mahrez and Grealish after Tottenham win first goal in 55th minutes. Game ended 0.0 in first half and full time Tottenham win 1.0.

3. Hugo Lloris

He is a French player who plays a position of goalkeeper and captains both Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the France national team.

From my opinions, if not Lioris Tottenham they couldn't win against Manchester City. Lioris managed to save several direct goals especially in second half. Lioris save almost three direct ball from Mahrez and Grealish.

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